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About Us

Established in 1999, the BARGAIN HUNTER quickly became Saskatchewan's MOST COMPLETE and UP TO DATE booklet of classifieds covering the eastern part of the province. A Saskatchewan owned & operated classified ad publication, the BARGAIN HUNTER is distributed every Wednesday to over 130 communities at select Retail Outlets. The BARGAIN HUNTER is an 8 1/2" x 11" publication containing thousands of classified ads that are placed in over 68 Categories. It is well organized, easy to read and there is always a deal to be found in it.. People who are looking to sell something, can place FREE classifieds for personally owned items for 2 weeks with the option to renew the ad for another 2 weeks FREE. People who are looking to buy goods or services, purchase a copy of the BARGAIN HUNTER and browse through the many items for sale. From Furniture to Cars to Farm Equipment to Antiques, the Bargain Hunter services east Central Saskatchewan - from the Manitoba border to the east, north to Prince Albert, west to hwy #6 and south to the U.S. border.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.

Dawn Harrold

Meet Our Team

Bill is a master at his trade and if one of our machines is being tempermental (which thank goodness, isn't too often) he can fix it. Bill knows how to sweet talk the presses so everything runs like a well oiled machine. When Bill isn't printing, you can find him boating, 'renovating something' , figuring out how he can make the next bonfire just a little more spectacular or adding another 'attraction' at his 'Redneck Water Park'. A bit of a kidder, Bill takes his job very seriously (even though no one takes Bill seriously!)

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Dawn oversees the day to day office 'stuff' (that boring paperwork that no one likes doing). Just because she's not in the office doesn't mean she's not working. A bit of a work-a-holic and a perfectionist, Dawn likes to get the job done right the first time. When she does take a day off, you can find her thinking of ways to improve services to Bargain Hunter clients, testing potential new services, creating a new website for someone, rounding up stray chickens or making sure she doesn't lock herself in the barn - Again!

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When you call our Melville office, please note that you have not reached England. Sometimes confused by the thick London accent, callers often double check if they have dialed the right number. Paula will politely accomodate your inquiries for free classifieds, paid classifieds or business display ads or anything about England! When Paula isn't in the office, she's probably thinking of ways to keep her runway lights from disappearing or trying her hardest to book a campsite at Assessippi !

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Matthew Collation

Matty, as he likes to be called, collates all those Bargain Hunters into booklets. Matty is still figuring out that being nice to the collator makes things go a whole lot quicker! But once in a while it likes to see if he's paying attention and gives him a hard time. Matty is learning patience - if he isn't nice to the collator, it isn't nice to him. Be nice to the collator Matthew! When Matthew isn't collatiing, you can probably find him adding 'something' new to his car!

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Sarah Distribution

Sarah is a master packager & expert with the strapping machine. She efficiently bundles and straps all those Bargain Hunters that go out by courier, bus or mail. She also likes to experiment with the strapping machine and quickly learned that strapping her arm to the strapping machine isn't such a good idea and will leave a nice red ring around your arm for a few days! When Sarah isn't strapped to the strapping machine, she's probably tearing up some turf on her dirt bike or enjoying her new found freedom of driving!

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The first week of the month, June is busy calling stores to get their returns for invoicing so make sure your returns are in order and correct! When June isn't invoicing or typing in classifieds, you might find her enjoying a relaxing drink on a cruise ship some where on the ocean or smacking those golf balls around the golf course trying her hardest to win a prize on ladies night!

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Computer whiz and hero of a few frustrating Monday mornings when our computers go down, Frank gets the Bargain Hunter network up and running quickly so we can get it laid out and printed. A tweek here & there from Frank and we are rolling off those plates for the press. We would have Bargain Hunter readers going into major withdrawals if it were late!

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Position Open Sales

We are looking for a commission sales person with a friendly personality that likes to meet business owners & help their business grow. Excellent customer service a must. Flexible hours - part time or full time. Perfect for retired person. Own vehicle preferred or at least valid drivers license and clean drivers abstract. Drop off resume and ask for Dawn.

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Our Clients