Terms of Use

All users of the Bargain Hunter whether in print or online, are subject to our terms of use which includes our Refund, Privacy and Disclaimer Policy.


Refunds - no refunds will be given on Paid Classifieds, Photo Ads, Power Ads or Display Ads once the ad has been printed. If you wish to cancel your ad and receive a refund, this must be done BEFORE the deadline for your local BARGAIN HUNTER and BEFORE the first print run. Deadlines are Mondays 12 noon for Wednesday BARGAIN HUNTER. Substitutions of items in any paid classifieds, photo ad or power ad is not permitted if the original advertised item has sold or has been removed from sale. Errors on Ads - In order for us to issue another week with corrected information in a Paid Classified, Photo Ads, Power Ads or Display Ads, errors must be reported to us within the FIRST week of being printed and BEFORE the second print run. If there is an error on our part, we will gladly credit another week at no charge. If an ad has been proofed by the person who placed it and was sent back OK to run and there is an error in it, we are not responsible for the error and no credit will be issued. It is the responsibility of the person who placed the ad to check their ad for accuracy. No refunds will be given on subscriptions after 1 week. All information we receive about our customers will be kept confidential and will not be sold, lent, rented or disclosed to any other organization. This includes but is not limited to names, addresses, payment information, email addresses, phone numbers etc. We reserve the right to authorize or reject any refund on any product or service we offer.


The Bargain Hunter publishes your classified ads for FREE but to keep this operation in service the paper is sold. If you are a FREE advertiser, please be fair & BUY the paper. Please check your ads for accuracy the first issue of publication to make sure that is correct and that there are no errors. If there is an error, please call us to correct it. For errors on paid ads please see REFUND & PRIVACY policy. The Bargain Hunter accepts no responsibility for actions or complaints arising from omissions, errors, false or misleading information in the wording of FREE CLASSIFIED ads. This is a Public Service paper and FREE CLASSIFIEDS are for private individuals selling their own personally used items. If you run a business, are a dealer of any kind, or place ads designed to produce continous income, your ad is subject to our commercial rates. We reserve the right to edit, reject, refuse, or classify ANY advertisement whether it be FREE or PAID. The Bargain Hunter has the right to decide what ads are FREE and what ads are PAID. While we attempt to make our publication as accurate, comprehensive and useful as possible, the Bargain Hunter is not responsible for the quality, accuracy, reliability, legality, or completeness of any seller provided content. Buyers are solely responsible for verifying the quality, accuracy, reliability, legality and completeness of all Seller provided content, including Seller information. It is the responsibility of buyers to investigate all products prior to purchase. All information printed or online related to the Bargain Hunter is PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT LAW. UNAUTHORIZED COPYING OF THE BARGAIN HUNTER IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND LEGAL PROCEEDINGS WILL BE ENFORCED.